wii fit + frugal = does not compute

So in my new 2009 quest to save more and spend less, I’m holding off on buying a Wii Fit. We bought a Wii weeks ago at Wal-Mart for a mere $250 for Christmas. The kids were so surprised on Christmas morning – I really set the stage before the holidays by telling them repeatedly that one gaming system in the house was enough! A friend at work let me borrow her Jillian Michaels game for the Wii even though I don’t have the Wii Fit balance board – just so I could try it out. I was hooked, and I can only imagine how much more fun it would be WITH the balance board. Problem is, the Wii Fit and all of the toys that go with a Wii aren’t exactly on clearance right now, nor are they on sale. I’m going to hold off until I can find a deal or the Wii Fit comes down just a bit in price…OR until I have gift cards to fund my purchase.

I’m being frugal ’til it hurts.

2 Responses to “wii fit + frugal = does not compute”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Yes, well…Mr Joe and Mr Pete gathered up all of their Wal Mart GC from Christmas and got a Wii AND a Wii Fit!! I am so jealous – I would buy it if it was ever in stock when I am at the store! They said the Wii Fit is awesome!

  2. Anraiki says:

    The Wii Fit is made of evil! My sister “borrowed” it from a friend, and instantly she wanted to buy it. I dare not to touch!