what the hell happened to eric nies?

I’m laying in bed last night, enjoying a last hour of TV before shutting it all down and closing my eyes for the next 9 hours. I came across Confessions of a Teen Idol on VH1 (thank you, Brighthouse, for not completing screwing me by getting rid of all Viacom programming!) and I was instantly hooked. For those of you who didn’t catch the 1st episode, here’s a quick synopsis:

The eight-part series features former teen idols who have been brought together by Scott Baio to analyze where it all went wrong. Each hour-long episode provides a rare, never-before-seen look at fame and its consequences as the guys live together, forming a unique and exclusive support group.

confessions of a teen idol picture from VH1I seriously didn’t recognize half of the men on the show, from whatshisname who was on TJ Hooker (before my time) to the dudes from BayWatch (never watched it). I did take notice of Jamie Walters who played Ray Pruitt on Beverly Hills 90210…who could forget Donna Martin’s abusive ex-boyfriend? I couldn’t help but state at the shaggy haired surfer boy who kept a hat on for most of the scenes I saw him in…and finally the producers displayed his name…


Eric Nies of the first Real World in New York City? Eric Nies of The Grind? Eric Nies the model?

What the heck happened to Eric? Why does he look like a down and out Bill Ray Cyrus? (He’s the 3rd from the right in the picture above – the one who looks like an aging hippie.) I’ve got to keep watching, if only to find out how the golden boy of the 90′s got this tarnished image.

2 Responses to “what the hell happened to eric nies?”

  1. Corrin says:

    I saw that in US magazine, and he turned into a dirty hippy! Jamie from New Orleans did the same thing. He looks like Jesus now.

  2. qarla says:

    Who are they? The guy with the blue shirt looks like eminem. Lol