1st post of 2009

Much like my sister, I entered 2009 on a decluttering binge. I don’t expect mine to last as long as hers, but my bathroom is done. To echo Cheryl, I don’t think it’s been this organized since we moved in! My bathroom is pretty big, and I’m lucky enough to have two good sized and relatively deep closets IN the bathroom. One is used for towels and sheets and the other is for odds n’ ends. Both were organized and cleaned out, and I ended up with two big garbage bags full of things to toss. I tend to be a packrat, so I told myself if I had something more than 6 months old that was used once or less, it went into the trash. I did the same thing with my dresser the other night, and I have a whole garbage bag of clothes to donate to the local Goodwill.

I need to see if I can keep up with the decluttering for the next few weekends – after that, it’s back to school, so my free time on Saturday and Sunday will once again be severely limited.

2 Responses to “1st post of 2009”

  1. Julie says:

    I absolutely LOVE to de-clutter, but I swear to god there is ALWAYS something I end up wanting again after it’s long gone to the battered women shelter.

    It’s usually clothes or shoes, so I have vowed this year not to get rid of ANY of those two things!

  2. Anna says:

    It feels so good to declutter.