life on mars

One of the new fall shows I added to my DVR lineup a few weeks ago is Life On Mars. While it’s not exactly a suitable replacement for JourneyMan, it comes close enough to satisfy my thirst for TV about time travel. (I guess I watched Back To The Future one too many times in my youth, because any show about time travel instantly hooks me in.)

For those of you not watching Life On Mars yet, it’s about a cop in 2008 who is hit by a car and wakes up in 1973. What happened? It could be a coma, time travel, parallel universe….we don’t know yet, but that’s part of the fun. Harvey Keitel is amazing as Lt. Gene Hunt – kind of a kick ass combination of Starsky, Hutch, and all of those other 1970′s detectives we love.

The show does a good job of keeping it real as far as the 1973 authenticity. Of course, I wasn’t even around in 1973, so I’m not exactly an expert on how things should look and feel. One big goof I did notice was in this week’s episode, when Lt. Hunt and Detective Tyler were talking under the bridge at the end of the episode. In the background, on one of the skyscrapers, I could make out a very current version of the Verizon logo. Oops!

6 Responses to “life on mars”

  1. Curt says:

    I was a huge JourneyMan fan myself. I haven’t watched Life on Mars as of yet, but I guess I will give it a shot. Since you are the only person I that I know of that has ever seen JourneyMan you must have good taste in television shows.

  2. Gary Bey says:

    lol @ the Verizon logo. I really have to watch that show. I always see the commercials and I end up noting that I’m going to watch it but I never do…

  3. Lexli says:

    I’ve been really digging the show, I just can’t get my wife into it. The show does do a great job of portraying 1970s NY, it’s almost like the NY from the Warriors.

  4. James says:

    I hope you enjoy Life On Mars. If you don’t I can recommend you check out the original British version because this was one of the best programs I’ve seen on TV here in the UK for many years.

  5. Whatever you do, do not google “Life on Mars British version ending”. While doing a bit of research about the show for a future review, I found out it was based on British show of the same name and story, and that the British version had already concluded.

    Could not resist looking at how it ended and bam, show spoiled!

    Also, Journeyman was cool, though it had parts that annoyed the heck out of me, like the wife constantly being angry at him for involuntarily bouncing through time or the travelers magically knowing what to do. Personally I’d wonder a lot more about what was going on and set up a camera to record me at all times.

  6. Curt says:

    Yeah the wife on Journeyman was annoying. I have to figure out a way to see Life on Mars from the beginning. I have a strange hang up that doesn’t allow me to start watching a show mid stream.