four eyes for $8

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 9. Tried contacts, ended up with an eye infection and an ulcer on my cornea, so here I am…destined to be a 4-eyes for life. Between my lenses (super thin with a Crizal coating) and my frames (pricey, thin wire frames) I drop around $400 on glasses every year or so. FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS! It’s worth it when you consider that money is so that I can SEE and function, but seriously…four hundred dollars? That’s a lot of moolah. I’m all for trying something new to save cash.

Something new just might be eyeglasses from ZenniOptical, which offers prescription glasses online starting at just $8. ($400-$8 = lots more fun things for me!) Being the skeptic and cynic that I am, I thought for $8, what do I get? Ugly thick frames, or Sally Jesse Raphael glasses? How good can they look for $8? Or even $20 or $50?
t 382 03Well, I have to tell you that the frames pictured here are the $8 variety, and they look almost exactly like the pricey frames I buy from my eye doctor. The clip on sunglasses are available for the frames for only FOUR dollars. My eye doctor wanted to charge me $50 when I asked for an extra pair!

Note to self: Huge markup at eye doctor. Probably making his BMW payment when I visit. Switch to ZenniOptical.

6 Responses to “four eyes for $8”

  1. Veronica says:

    That is a major savings… I need to recommend it to my husband. Have you looked into Lasik? I’ve heard great things about it.

  2. Bellesouth says:

    Oh. my. Goodness! I have been really in need of some new specs. 8 bucks? Seriously? Eight dollars? Well ho-lee-goodness. Thank you so much. This makes me happy. You have made my day. I cannot say enough. ZOMG.

  3. Bobby says:

    I’ve been wearing glasses since I stepped into high school. Not wanting to look like a nerd with those thick frames, I bought some stylish sunglasses like Oakley and ask my doctor to replace the tinted lenses with clear lenses that would match my grade.

    Thanks for the info about ZenniOptical. I’m going check it out.


  4. Gary Bey says:

    lol @ Sally Jesse Raphael glasses…

    $8 is practically a steal!

  5. Dawn says:

    I have bought from Zenni for the last several years and even wear the $8 glasses. I got tired of trashing $400.00 glasses because I would fall asleep with them on – I don’t feel bad if I go through a couple of pairs of $8.00 a year.

  6. Loretta says:

    I got Lucas his new glasses from Zenni Optical a few months ago, he loves them! I got him the clip ons shades, he was thrilled.

    Since I saved so much money I got hubby a pair of prescription sunglasses, he’s been wanting a pair forever. Two awesome pairs of glasses and I think my total bill with shipping and everything was only $40.