izeafest: thursday night

Yesterday I left work around 1pm and drove myself over to Orlando. After a quick trip to the downtown Orlando Publix for sodas and snacks, I left the store, only to find a monsoon outside. I waited it out in front of the store for a bit and then made a quick dash to the car, getting soaked in the process.

Cass and Marisa had left the hotel and headed out for a walk, and had called it quits when the rain started. I circled around the block and picked them up, and we headed to the Grand Bohemian Hotel in downtown Orlando (also know as the site of IzeaFest) to check in. The hotel is beautiful – the website does do it justice. The colors and decor are rich and over the top. It’s decorated a bit like a bordello, but it’s a beautiful bordello!

After an hour or so of showers and primping (Marisa did my eye makeup and Deb curled my eyelashes) we took our prom pictures. (We all took pictures, but our shutterbug Alli is the only person organized enough to have posted pictures!) The red velvet behind us is the curtain in our hotel room – I want me bedroom at home to look at like! Then it was off to the hotel bar for an open bar and all sorts of appetizers. (Try the pot stickers – they’re delicious!) I spent my time schmoozing with an advertiser or two, and catching up with bloggers like Heather (and her gorgeous daughter Crystal), Lisa, and StarrySkye. I also oohed and aahed over pictures of David’s little boy (he’s the Izea controller) and talked to Izea peeps like Pete and Ted and Luke and Louis.

Around midnight, I called it a night and headed upstairs with Cass and Marisa. Julie called me from Las Vegas (miss you and wish you were here with us!) and I talked with her for a bit…loudly, while Cass and Marisa attempted to doze off. Apparently, I also emailed my husband a link to this picture with the subject line “Eat your heart out, baby”…I had no memory of doing this until he mentioned the picture to me today.

I slept like a rock, thanks to the mass quantities of open bar that were consumed.

One Response to “izeafest: thursday night”

  1. Jules says:

    You sounded like you were having a VERY GOOD time! I didn’t realize Marisa and Cass were trying to sleep. HAHA!