the male trifecta

I like to watch people. Not through their windows late at night or anything crazy like that…I’m just an observant type, and I enjoy people watching in places like the mall. Women, men, kids – it doesn’t matter, I just enjoy seeing how people dress and interact with each other. I was killing time at a restaurant this past week, waiting for a friend to meet me for lunch, when I noticed a group of men enter the restaurant. Two of the men had a common trait – male pattern baldness. One had accepted it and started shaving his head, while the other was rocking the Dick Van Patton comb over. That combined with his short stature and beer gut made him what a coworker would call the “trifecta” – bald, short, and fat. I don’t get why men think the comb-over fools anyone. Either shave your head and accept that bald is beautiful, or start rocking the toupee.

2 Responses to “the male trifecta”

  1. Devin Bull says:

    Ouch. That was a hard thing for me to accept when I first started going bald. It was just rather unnerving for a bit. It’s a good thing my wife was really supportive.

  2. My hair is just coming back from the six months of chemo…I’m more grey then I’m hoping to keep my hair very short and not color my hair ever again….(hope I don’t breakdown and color) Staying short and grey means no more bad hair days…I love it…

    And I giggle when I see the comb overs as well..

    Dorothy from grammology