get rid of garden pests organically and safely

Our current home is “closer to nature” than we’ve ever lived before. We back up to a small strip of woods, and since moving here we’ve seen all sorts of critters roaming around. It makes sense when you consider that we invaded their space, and they were here enjoying the land long before our house was on it. We’ve heard noises in the woods at night that sound like raccoons or perhaps a wild boar, and we’ve seen snakes and rabbits and even a turtle or two. The turtles must have a burrow right around here, and they frequently trek across our back yard, much to the annoyance of our lab.

None of our animal visitors have been an issue, aside from the critters that munched on my tomato plant. I’m not sure who to blame – it could have been raccoons, or a bunny, or even one of the squirrels we’ve had climbing on our roof. The end result was a bunch of tomatoes with bites missing, so I tossed the plant and gave up gardening for the time being. Since then, I’ve learned there are natural and organic solutions I could have used to save my little plant, without ending up killing off the local squirrel or bunny population. Havahart® Critter Ridder® can technically be called a squirrel repellent, but it will also take care of skunks, raccoons, dogs, and even cats. I’ve seen people in neighboring homes go to great lengths to keep squirrels out of their bird feeders, and seeing that has actually deterred me from putting up a bird feeder. Matthew built a bird house and has been dying to put it up, so maybe some Critter Ridder is what we need to keep the bird seed from feeding the squirrels!

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