back to school organization

I use a label maker quite a bit at work when organizing files and such. We’ve had one at home for the longest time, and I sort of forgot it existed! We used it when Jim first brought it home to label Matthew’s dresser drawers so he could organize his clothes and keep them neat. With school starting this past week, I pulled the label maker back out of the cabinet and fired it up. At first the girls, who are both in middle school, were a bit worried that I’d go overboard. Visions of their mom labeling each pencil and pen flashed before their eyes…HA! I used the label marker to label their new calculators and flash drives. (Side note: Remember when you went back to school with a notebook and a pencil? Those days are long gone!) I was especially worried about Catherine’s calculator going missing if it didn’t have a label on it. She’s in Algebra I this year, and her teacher required one of those pricey scientific calculators. There’s no chance it will get mixed up with another student’s since it’s got her name on the bottom!

You can take labels one step further with Dymo Color labels – use a different color label for each kid, or each day of the week. Lunch boxes, gym uniforms, school folders – they can all be labeled so your kids can stay organized. Or try to stay organized!

2 Responses to “back to school organization”

  1. Angie Wood says:

    I love reading your blog. I only wished I had known about the Old Navy deal before now!
    Congratulations on the birthday, Coach purse! Whoo Hooo!

  2. Suz says:

    I love Dymo labelers- One of the things I mist the most about working in an office. I don’t find labeling a necessity in my daily life, but I’m sure that will change dramatically with the comming of children. *grin*