old navy jeans for $12 and $7 – today only!

My sister blogged about a great deal at Old Navy today, and she texted me about it too. I took that as a sign that we were meant to buy new jeans. When I got to the store I was bummed to learn it there was a 3 limit pair per customer, so if I bought a paid for me and one for each of the kids, I’d be one over my limit. (You can get around this by walking your first 3 pairs to your car and coming back in again.) My oldest daughter found a pair for herself in the women’s section (only $12) and the younger kids snagged a $7 pair each.

I ended up not going over the 3 pair limit because Old Navy doesn’t stock size 1′s in the long length in the stores. Sheesh! They have EVERY other size in short, regular, and long, but not the size 1′s. It’s a conspiracy! The good news is that you can also get the deal online at OldNavy.com (today only) and pay just $7 in shipping. (Didn’t it used to be $5?) Not too bad for jeans that are normally $24.50 each.

(Just wash them before you wear them, in case someone has left you an Old Navy snail trail surprise in your new jeans.)

2 Responses to “old navy jeans for $12 and $7 – today only!”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Yes, their shipping was $5, but, as with everything else, that went up too!
    The jeans I got had a $29.50 price tag on them – without the $12 sale I would have never bought them!

  2. You people are wierd.

    Why are C-lish and I the only people on the blogroll now?