save time and gas with mobile professional services

My time is valuable. With heading into my office more often, taking a full course load in college, AND the cost of gas, I’ve started planning what I do, and where I go in my free time very carefully. My Saturday afternoons in the past would be filled with dropping off the dog at the groomer, followed by a trip to Target or a few other stores to spend time and money. Now, I’ve got better things I’d rather be doing, like studying for starters! Plus, a trip to Target costs me $8 in just GAS!

So all of this prompted me thinking about how I can not only use my time better, but also save money and gas. I came across, a site where you can make an online appointment with mobile professional services like pet groomers or massage therapists! How cool would it be to have the pet groomer come right to us, instead of driving to the pet store, dropping off to the dog, and then driving back to get her 4 hours later? The whole thing would save me time and gas, and it would be a lot less traumatic for my dog, too. The neat thing about is that you can rate the person you end up doing business with to save other people headaches and hassles, or take advantage of ratings previously left by other members. For instance, what if the dog groomer was late and rude? Well, I’d be able to leave feedback on the website to warn other members.

No time at home to have a professional come to you? How about having someone come to your office? I can pop online and have a massage therapist come right to my workplace to give me a quick neck massage on my lunch break…resulting in a more relaxed me and jealous coworkers to boot! You can find personal trainers, pet groomers, professional organizers, cooking instructors, foreign language teachers, babysitters, travel agents, financial planners, and a host of other professionals offering their services. The whole thing is 100% free to people who clients AND advertisers, and you don’t make payment until services are rendered!

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