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Back in October I posted about Nick Bollea, aka Nick Hogan, causing the horrific car crash that injured his former friend John Graziano. Hogan is currently serving 8 months in jail for his part in the accident, which is nothing compared to what John is going through. I guess it never occurred to me how bad his injuries were, because I found this video (put out by the Graziano family to be shown at Nick’s trial) to be incredibly shocking.

John Graziano literally has a hole in his head. His skull is crushed and shrunken. How did Nick end up with 8 months in jail after this was shown in court? You can watch the video of John Graziano here, but beware – it is graphic and heart breaking. (The video almost looks fake because it is SO unbelievable to think of someone living in this condition.)

I read about a similar case in our local paper where a young girl was driving drunk (much like Nick Hogan was) and she caused an accident that killed her best friend. Since then, this girl has done nothing but express remorse. She’s done countless hours of community service, ON HER OWN, without being forced to do so by a judge. She talked to teens and warned them about the dangers of drunk driving. Despite this, the dead girls parents asked for no mercy, and the girl is now serving a 4 year sentence. It makes me sick to think of Nick Hogan, showing NO remorse and calling his former friend John a “negative person”…serving 8 months. Nick is already wondering about what kind of reality show he can get when he gets out of jail, while John’s family is wondering how their reality came to be so horrible and rotten.

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  1. Joy Smith says:

    How is Nick able to call John and negative person??? I wonder if the role was reversed, how would Nick or his dad really feel then? I bet it wouldn’t be the same. It’s such a shame that Nick just doesn’t seem to give a shit.