window decals cause road rage?

A recent study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology says that drivers of cars with window decals, bumper stickers, personalized license plates and the like are more likely to get a little road rage when someone cuts them off or is driving slow. Now, I’ve got two personalized items on my car. I’ve got a license plate frame on the back that advertises the fact that I walked in the 3-Day. It says “0-60 in 3 Days”. I’ve also got a college license plate in the bracket on the front of my car. I can assure you, I was JUST as prone to road rage before I put those items on my car as I am now ;-)

I don’t know that I agree with the study, having had the drivers of very nice sports cars with no bumper stickers or “bling” go a little crazy behind the wheel, but it makes for interesting reading, right? So go ahead, get your window decals and bumper stickers and decorate your car to your heart’s content – it won’t change who YOU are. And if you’re looking for a custom window decal (perhaps to advertise a certain breast cancer charity walk?), be sure to check out VistaPrint. They offer customizable templates and lots of tools to make the design process easy. I ordered my business cards from VisitaPrint last year and I am SO pleased with how they came out! They look more professional than the business cards for my real job!

One Response to “window decals cause road rage?”

  1. Deb says:

    I heard about this recently…what a load of crap. I have a sun sticker on my back side window (back of the suv, not back seat window)…and a few small ones on the back of my truck…i’m anti-road-rage girl…i’m such a mellow driver…no, my stickers didn’t put me over the edge…haven’t changed one bit