boring business analysis

I just turned in a paper for my Principles of Management class.

I’ve been putting this paper off for, oh, about 4 weeks? When my on campus religion class ended in April, I said to myself, “Now you can devote your spare time to that paper for management!” That never happened. Partly because I am a huge procrastinator, and partly because the topic (a business analysis of a real company) was BOR-ING.

It came down to this week though. The paper is due next Saturday night, and I also have to take a final for the same class, a final for math, and complete my last quiz for math. Management is better than math, so I finally started the paper last night, dreading it the whole time. I had to rate a business on five areas like operations, human resources, and finances. AND it had to be 6-10 pages. Sheesh!

I started typing and got through the first of five sections last night, and it wasn’t so bad. I decided I’d commit to typing one section per night, so I’d definitely be done by Saturday. Well, after lounging on the couch this afternoon, killing time by watching Diff’rent Strokes, I sat down to write a second section. Before I knew it, I had calculated a debt ratio and typed up another couple of sections, and I was almost done. I decided to just wrap it up and my paper ended up being THIRTEEN pages. Woot!

If I tackle the final tomorrow, I’ll be done with the class. Then I get to do all of that super fun math…

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