i deserve a 4 day weekend

This afternoon, I shut down Outlook on my work laptop, vowing not to look at my work email again until Monday morning. I’m off this Thursday and Friday, thereby turning my 2 day weekend into a four day weekend – huzzah! There’s nothing quite like the prospect of sleeping in and being paid for it to put a little extra spring in your step. I’m taking the time off simply because I deserve it, and so far my plans for the weekend include:

  • Welcoming Catherine home tonight from her school trip to the Florida Keys. I’m sure she’s going to be tan, tired, and have a ton of stinky laundry.
  • Laundry – see above.
  • Breakfast / brunch on Friday morning with a friend I haven’t seen in months…we’re way overdue!
  • A deep tissue massage at a local spa – Jim got me the gift certificate a whole YEAR ago and I finally scheduled an appointment!
  • Waiting at home for a delivery of sod. (Granted, not the highlight of my time off.)
  • Putting the deposit on a family cruise we’re taking this summer for our vacation.
  • Starting AND finishing a paper for my Principles of Management class. Boo, hiss. (Why, oh why, did I put this off until now? It’s due next week!)
  • Matthew’s birthday party with his friends this weekend, and a baseball game.
  • Sleeping in on the clock.
  • Taking the kids to the movies. There are so many things out we want to see!

Yay for time off for good behavior!

One Response to “i deserve a 4 day weekend”

  1. Amy says:

    Enjoy! You DO deserve it!