picture this!

When we moved into our house (gosh, 2 years ago already?) I decided to have photo cards made up to let people know about our move and our new address. Of course, we had gone through a 9 month process from signing the contract to moving in, so I daresay not a single person DIDN’T know about our plans – but still! They all needed to know our new address, right? Using photo cards was a neat way to show off the new place as well, so that even friends and family who don’t live in the area could see our new digs!

I was thinking about other ways to use photo cards as well and a great thought came to me. photocardEach year when I finish one of my breast cancer charity walks, I always end up with some sort of picture showing me exhausted and limping to the finish line. Wouldn’t that be a great image to send to the people that donated money to my fundraising efforts? All of the cards I found at CardsDirect.com can be customized, so if they say Merry Christmas on the inside, you can remove that and add your own message. That means I can easily turn the Valentine’s Day card (pictured here) into an Avon Walk victory card!

One Response to “picture this!”

  1. Mr. Fabulous says:

    When you limp across the finish line, are your clothes ragged and torn, maybe your blouse is hanging open, maybe some exposure there…because in that case I might BUY one of the cards…