birthday party invites…the cheap way

Matthew’s 9th birthday is in just 11 days, and I can’t find baseball invitations anywhere. I went to our local party store, and found a whole aisle of sports themed party supplies, but they were completely sold out of the baseball invites. Argh! (I did snag birthday candles shaped like bats though!) So here I sit, printing out invitations I made in Word. At least it saves me from hand writing 15 individual invitations.

The boy is having a party at a local bowling alley. Cheap and easy, and no mess or work for me. Last year we had a huge party at our house and rented a HUGE waterslide for our backyard. When I say huge, I mean huge. We could look out of our 2nd floor windows and the top of the slide was at eye level. It was fun, but MAN it was a lot of work. I decided I was taking it easy this year!

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