my pitiful mother’s day

I just typed up a short post about tonight’s Survivor episode and was about to hit publish…when I thought, gee, I guess I should hold off for people who DVR the show or live on the west coast, eh? So instead of Survivor (look for the post tomorrow – don’t look if you haven’t watched!) I’m going to whine about Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day, as you well know (unless you live in a cave!) is in a mere 10 days. I’ve been a mom for 12 years, so it will be my 12th Mother’s Day. However, it will be my first without all of my kids at my side. Ok, I guess technically those years when I only had 1 or 2 kids versus the 3 I had now don’t count…you get my point! My oldest is leaving for a school trip at the crack of dawn on Mother’s Day. The school apologized for the timing, but apparently this was the only slot they could get on this special trip to Sea Camp in the Florida Keys. Wah! I can’t believe I’m going to be without my oldest on Mother’s Day. (Cue sappy music and tears.)

I’ll still have Gracie and Matthew with me, and we’ve got something special planned. My sister snagged tickets to a Devil Rays game for us, and we’re all going to celebrate Matthew’s 9th birthday, which is a mere 2 days after Mother’s Day. Since our outing is all about Matthew and his birthday, I full expect to come home to find jewelery and perhaps some Mothers day flowers waiting for me. I know I’m NOT getting to sleep in that morning since we’ve got to drop Catherine off at school for her trip at 5:45am. Much as I like to sleep in, I’m not missing saying goodbye to my girl!

Note to my husband: You’ve ordered from before, and you can do it again. It will make me feel better after sending off my Catherine for that school trip on my special day. Please also note that YOU are responsible for selecting and purchasing flowers for YOUR mother. Feel free to keep in mind that tulips are my favorite flowers. Actually, any men reading this can follow my instructions – buy now and avoid the rush! You’ll also probably save on shipping at by now waiting until the last minute, as you all seem prone to do.

2 Responses to “my pitiful mother’s day”

  1. Spice says:

    I loved Survivor last night!!!!!

  2. Joy Smith says:

    COunt your blessings sweety, at least you can see your kids. My ex and his wife have prevented me from seeing mine for nearly a year now. :( HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. Hugs