third time is the charm

I nominate Amanda as the best Survivor player EVER!

Not only did she find the idol and keep it a secret, only telling her pal Parvati about it, but she PLAYED the idol at Tribal Council! (Take notes Ozzy and Jason – that’s how it’s supposed to be done!) Can the end result of the third blindside in this season be a Cirie / Amanda / Parvati final 3? Heck, I’m just impressed that the ladies managed to get rid of so many men. Black widows indeed!

On a side note, how cute was James coming into tribal with his IV bag on a pole? Had he not had to leave the game due to infection, I think the ladies would have kept him around for eye candy.

2 Responses to “third time is the charm”

  1. Spice says:

    Amanda is AWESOME!!!! I hope she wins!!!!

  2. ritchie says:

    I totally agree. She’s one impressive lady and an awesome Survivor; actually the most interesting person so far.