visiting beantown

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Boston for a business trip. I can say I’ve “been to Boston”, but I didn’t exactly see the sights. My plan got into Logan Airport in the evening, and it was already dark by the time we got a rental car. I drove out to the suburbs (Waltham) to my hotel and checked in just before midnight, and then spent 2 days at the Boston office of my employer. Back to the airport and the trip was over…wheee!

I am a HUGE history geek so Boston is a place I want to get to soon! (Watching John Adams on HBO these past few weeks has only reinforced that interest) There are all kinds of fun and historical things to do in Boston! How about a ghost and gravestones tour? Or walking along the Boston Freedom Trail? There’s even a walking tour of Plymouth that will give you insight into how the pilgrims once lived in the area. Sightseeing tours are such a great way to learn about a city like Boston.

If you’re worried about finding your way around town, enter to win a handheld GPS from Trusted Tours & Attractions just by signing up for their newsletter!

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