one hot mama

During our trip to the fair this weekend, we took a short break in one of the entertainment tents. It seemed like a nice place to sit and enjoy our funnel cakes and take a load off. There was a local guy singing some country songs to the small crowd, and while country music definitely isn’t my favorite genre, he wasn’t half bad. He finished up the song we entered on and started a new song…about a verse in, he walked over to the table we were sitting at and started crooning to ME! I didn’t recognize the song, but I caught something about “You’re doin’ all you can, to get in them old jeans, you want that body back, you had at seventeen…well baby don’t be down, don’t you worry about a thing, cuz the way you fool around, hey that’s alright with me! I don’t want the girl you used to be, and if you ain’t noticed, the kids are fast asleep!”

The crowd was dying at this point, as this country singer singled me out – obviously the perfect victim for this song, as I sat with my husband and three kids. I’ve since found out that the song is One Hot Mama from Trace Adkins – hey, I know who that is thanks to Celebrity Apprentice! It was the perfect thing to happen as Jim and I celebrated our 12th anniversary, and really made us laugh…

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