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You know what stinks?

Wet dog. Even slightly damn dog is not a scent I want to immerse myself in. Bailey went to groomer earlier this week for a bath, and she was completely dry when she came home…but she still had that “just bathed” dog smell. Ick! I hate walking into the house and smelling the scents that come along with owning two dogs, or all of the other smells that come from day to day living. kitchenFor example, Jim cooked bacon for breakfast earlier in the week. I didn’t notice then smell so much then, but every time I’ve walked into my kitchen since, I smell bacon grease. This picture of my kitchen was taken the day we moved in – look how clean and sparkly it was then! It didn’t smell like bacon, or last night’s chili. You can’t tell from this picture, but the downstairs in our house is pretty open – the kitchen connects to the family room, which means any bad smells (bacon, burnt popcorn, etc) easily waft their way around the whole house. I had a vanilla scenty thingamajig in the foyer, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much for the first impressions created when people arrive at our house. I have my coupon all printed out and sitting here on my desk to one of the new Renuzit TriScents – it’s just a matter of getting to the store and picking one out so I can get the house smelling brand new again.

And, in order to promote Renuzit TriScents, the company is sponsoring a $20,000 Transform Your Home promotion! What would YOU do with $20,000 to change your house? I’m thinking hardwood floors in the hall upstairs, and a nice extended patio outside on which I could park a jacuzzi. To enter the contest, just upload a photo or a video and a short essay on why your home needs a makeover, and how you’d Tranform Your Home, as well as how Renuzit TriScents can help you! Be sure to follow the official rules.

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  1. Deb says:

    nice floors…can’t tell if that’s a beige or yellow from here, but how it looks on my montior, that’s the color of our kitchen and family room