new look for payperpost message boards

If you haven’t been to the PayPerPost / Izea message boards lately – you’re in for a big surprise. The boards were recently upgraded to the latest version of phpBB, and the graphics team at Izea (that would be Marty – swoon!) gave the boards a visual facelift. Everything is bright and shiny and sparkly and new! Among the big changes you should know about:

  • The boards are no longer found at – in an effort to brand everything under the Izea name, you’ll find them at, or click here to visit the boards.
  • A new moderator set up – there are two official mods now, and I’m one of them. We’ll have a 6 month term, at which time new mods will be put into place, and we’ll be moved to moderator alumni status.
  • An increased presence from the Izea staff on the boards – Ted (aka Murphman) has been popping in quite often, as well as Carri and Gordon from Customer Love, and various members of the dev team. The result is an increased flow of information and a level of personalization you can’t get just from reading news on the Izea blog.
  • New features have been added – one of these is the birthday tool, allowing users to input their birthday. Each day, users who are celebrating a birthday are displayed on the main page allowing us to send well wishes and gifts of cash. (Hint hint: my birthday is in July)
  • A warmer feeling overall – I’ve seen lots of people returning to the boards who previously stayed away based on the changes. It’s a good thing!

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One Response to “new look for payperpost message boards”

  1. Jules says:

    The “FOE” feature is the best thing yet! I added one person and I never have to see his assclownery actions anymore!