need a home loan?

I posted earlier about my friend who is now house shopping…that made me think of another friend who is a mortgage broker. Now that my renter friend will no longer be renting, she needs to get pre-approved for a home mortgage ASAP! Mortgage broker friend works for Countrywide, who we have our loan through. I’ve been really happy with them – they’ve got a great website that I can log onto night or day to see all of my loan information at a glance. They also offer flexible payment options. I currently get paid twice a month, so I’ve got it set up so that Countrywide deducts 1/2 of my mortgage payment from my bank account after each payday. It makes budgeting a lot easier, and I don’t need to remember to mail a check to pay the loan before the 1st of each month!

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  1. Tina says:

    Hi colleen,

    I found a message on blogger help group but i couldnt see how i could reply to you, so thought i would try here!

    I had the same problem not being able to leave comments on others blog. In the end i clicked on the bit where it says create google/blogger account. I did this, and there was a part in there saying sign in as my username. i clicked and it redirected me back to the comments page with my user name on there, and all was fine.

    You prob got an answer from centre by now but thought i would help just in case!

    Tina from