do my dirty work

With all of the school and studying that Jim and I have been doing lately, the care and maintenance of the house has gone downhill. Rapidly. Oh, we’re not living in squalor, but it’s amazing how dirty things get when both of the adults in the house are working full time AND attending school full time. The kids, especially my girls, have been huge helpers with their chores, but I can’t expect them to do deep cleaning like I would. I just simply don’t have the time or the motivation. I’ve been seriously considering calling a local house cleaning service so that I can let someone else do my dirty work!

We’ve got about 2300 square feet to maintain, and three kids and two dogs do their part to dirty things up quickly. I’d love to be able to just maintain the small stuff – laundry, dishes, general tidying – and know that someone else can mop my hardwood floors until they sparkle, and make my toilets so clean we could eat off of them. (Uh, not that I would eat off the toilet, I’d just like to enjoy that level of cleanliness!) A service like could free me up to study more and spend time withe kids, since school has taken me away from them on the nights and weekends.

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