could leggings be coming back?

Are leggings coming back? First Heidi Klum was wearing them on Project Runway, and then I spotted a couple of female celebs in People with leggings on as well. As a former leggings wearer (hey, I went to high school in the early 90′s – sue me!) I’d like to think that leggings can make a come back – if done right.

First, men should never wear leggings. I’m not even a fan of the skinny jeans on men. I’m just sayin’.

Secondly, leggings look best when they’re cute and done in a contemporary style. Slapping on a pair from Wal-Mart is a no no. The footless tights, leggings, and capri style undergarments from are more my style. I remember wearing leggings like these in black, under a denim skirt, along with my black Converse All Stars and my Guns N’ Roses t-shirt. I was cool, people!

You can find great Hue socks and leggings in your department store, or online at If you’re not brave enough to bring leggings back on your own, buy some for a young girl in your life – my daughters can definitely pull this look off! Just remember, stay away from the plain Jane boring styles and try something new and fresh, like the look of Hue!

One Response to “could leggings be coming back?”

  1. Tina Kubala says:

    I’ve been wearing footless tights for around a year now and bought a pair of red leggings a couple months back. I think one rule is key: Leggings are not pants! My red one’s go under a causal gray dress. It’s a little 80′s but that’s the point.