triscents saves stinky houses

With three kids, two dogs of my own, and a frequent puppy visitor from next door, you can imagine that my house gets a little…funky smelling from time to time. No matter how often you clean and how much you vacuum, all it takes is one wet dog, or a breakfast of bacon to make your whole house smell funny. We’ve got a few of those plug in scent things around the house (in vanilla, yum!) but I’ve noticed I get used to the scent very quickly, and it doesn’t seem to overpower some of the other funkiness we’ve got going on.

I saw a commercial last night on TV for Renuzit® TriScents and I’m definitely going to look for them the next time I’m in the grocery store. It’s an oil air freshener that uses three coordinating scents to keep things smelling fresh and pretty. Your nose becomes quickly used to a scent, so by combining three coordinating scents, TriScents does even more to overcome harsh odors. Right now, you can enter to win a $20,000 Home Makeover from TriScents and Renuzit! (What I could do with $20,000…I’m thinking a sweet landscaping package for my entire backyard!) To enter, just make a video or take a photo showing how you’ve transformed your home thanks to TriScents. (Videos are limited to 2 minutes or less, essays should be 250 words or less – see official rules here.)

Even if you don’t want to enter to win, you can still get a “prize”! There’s a neat coupon for a starter Renuzit TriScents kit available at the contest site – I’ve already downloaded mine, so I’ll be saving $3.00 on my kit when I buy it!

2 Responses to “triscents saves stinky houses”

  1. Mr. Fabulous says:

    No kidding! That day we visited? I had to wash my clothes twice to get all the smells out!

  2. Deb says:

    Hey Tanya Memme is from that Sell This House show or something or other!