the cufflinks make the man

Our big cheese leader of IT was in the Tampa office last week to meet with the team. As I sat across from him in the conference room, I couldn’t help but notice his cufflinks. It’s very rare that I see a man wearing cufflinks with his shirt and tie. My own husband, who wears a shirt and tie every day to work, doesn’t even own a pair of cufflinks! cufflinkAfter eyeballing Mr. Big Cheese for an hour or so during the meeting, I decided that a pair of unique cufflinks would make a great Father’s Day gift for Jim this year. Classy, dressy, something special, and something he won’t expect! has a huge selection of designer men’s accessories that you won’t find anywhere else, and I never dreamed that so many different styles of cufflinks existed! There are watch cufflinks, cufflinks shaped like globes (how cool would that be for a travel agent?) or even cufflinks shaped like animals. The ones pictured here are technically crocodiles, but they’d be a cool gift for a fan of the University of Florida Gators, wouldn’t they?

I definitely need to explore the site and all of the options – I’m sure I’ll find the perfect pair of cufflinks for Jim.

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