frickin’ frackin’ survivor

For the second time in this season of Survivor, my DVR didn’t DVR the show. I think it’s due to the fact that sometimes the show appears in the listings as simply, “Survivor”, other times it’s appeared as “Survivor – Micronesia”, and another time it was listed as “Survivor Micronesia Fans and Favorites”. My poor DVR is confused with all of the name switch ups!

Of course, knowing that you can watch it online, that’s what I did today, but I stupidly googled “Survivor” and got taken to a non CBS site first, with a HUGE block of text across the top of the site proclaiming who left the game. Umm, thanks for the spoiler. Sheesh! I did still watch the entire video. James is in good shape with his harem of women – he literally carried them through the challenge. Ozzy’s team is in good shape as well with the choices they’ve made. The fans aren’t putting up much of a fight!

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