vote up, count down

Here’s a neat little way of buying fabric online, for you crafty types! The Vote Up Count Down sale at Design Diva Fabrics is a way to vote for your favorite fabrics and patterns (that would be the “up” portion). The fabrics with the most votes go down in price (and that’s the “down” portion!) until someone purchases that fabric. Just create an account of your own to log in and vote up the fabrics you like the best, which in turn makes those fabrics cheaper. The fabric with the most votes heads into count down mode, and the price of that particular fabric will go down…every second, until someone caves and purchases it. Then the fabric with the next highest number of votes enters count down mode. What a way to find a deal, and since you’re the one voting, you can vote for what you like to drive it directly to count down mode, whether it’s a gingham or a discount Kravet fabric.

Look at the price here going down by the second…like a reverse auction – neat, eh? It’s a beautiful design too, I love toile!

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