moms can’t pick out cool shoes

My 8 year old is now at the point where he’s starting to get interested in his looks. He’s recently ASKED me to take him to the store for new jeans, when in years past, I had to drag him, practically kicking and screaming to buy new clothes. Among his most coveted possessions is his skateboarding gear. We bought him a new board for Christmas, and a little knit ski hat (which I think is referred to as a beanie) and a chain wallet. He was absolutely over the moon!

Now he’s eyeballing new shows, and of course, the ones I’ve picked out aren’t acceptable. He’s practically 9, and Mommy can’t be trusted to pick out the right shoes. As you can imagine, cool shoes require a cool store. A few places around here carry Chuck’s and Vans, but I think Matthew would really like these Adio skate shoes. Buying online gives you a much larger selection to chose from, and the prices are comparable to specialty shops around town. How many times have you decided on a style of shoe for your kids, only to realize the store doesn’t have the right size? That wastes a lot of time, so shopping online definitely appeals to me in this situation. also offers FREE shipping on all orders over $89, which is a great reason for me to buy for all of the kids in one spot, at one time!

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