gimmee an “A”!

With just one week to go in my statistics class, I’m so close to an A, I can taste it! I’ve got one more assignment to turn in, and one more test, and my current grade is an 89.5 – hmm, is my teacher going to round up? At any rate, I’ve still got a participation grade she needs to throw in there as well, and I’ve participated in all of the discussions and according to my teacher, my responses and concepts have been spot on. I’m really hoping the participation points push me over 90%.

I’m also on track to get an A in religion, provided my term paper didn’t completely suck. It hasn’t been graded yet.

3 Responses to “gimmee an “A”!”

  1. Deb says:

    Know what I loved about being an adult student wtih good grades…it shows your kids you’re willing to work hard to get that good grade. It sets a great example

    Congrats on your good grades

  2. happy says:

    amen to deb’s comment. now that i’m older, i could only wish that i had given my best during my schooldays. i did pretty well but i knew that i could have given more.

    congrats and keep it up. :)

  3. Mr. Fabulous says:

    Since when is a 90 an A?

    When I was a kid, 95+ was an A. 90-94 was an A-.