print your own postage at home

A few months ago, Jim brought home a label maker. Apparently he saw it in the store, and just had to have it! He uses one all of the time at work, and decided our household couldn’t live without one. I’ll admit, I didn’t have a clue what we were going to do with a label maker, but it’s proven to be a handy little tool. We made labels for each of Matthew’s dresser drawers so that he can keep his clothes organized. We made labels for the front of our storage totes so when they’re up on a shelf in the garage, we know what it inside of each! That was actually my brainstorm – I got sick of pulling down boxes of Christmas decorations looking for certain items, so now we’ve got a box labeled “ornaments and stockings” and another is “tree skirt and wreath”, and so on and so forth. Having a label maker is actually pretty handy!

There are a lot of variations on the label maker, and some allow you to print your own online stamps, right at home! My mother is an eBay addict and being able to print her own postage at home would save her a lot of time in line at the post office. Printing your own postage is easy too, since the LabelWriter Twin Turbo printer allows you to print postage and address labels, and the set includes a 5 lb USB-connected postal scale, so you never need to guess on package weights!

Now, I don’t feel the need to label my drawers, or my spices, or my kitchen shelves, but there are plenty of places I can use my label maker in my house. For now, I’m thinking about labeling the seats in our family room so the kids don’t fight over who gets to sit where!

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