international mortgages for florida vacation homes

I was at a neighbor’s yesterday, helping her to clean out her garage. I know, I know – what’s with my benevolent attitude? It was all self serving, I promise you! This is the neighbor (and friend) who is participating in the Avon walk with me this fall, and we’re holding a garage sale to raise money for our charity in 2 weeks. In order to make sure we’re ready for the big day, I spent two hours helping her sort and price things in her garage.

Once that chore was done, we got nosy and peeked in the house across the street which is wrapping up construction this month. The door was locked, but we looked into the windows to see what options and upgrades the future homeowner had selected. Then we attempted to do the same at her neighbor’s house, seeing as how the neighbor has moved out and all but abandoned the house. The house, complete with pool, was priced $50K less than the competition (also with pool) and still didn’t sell! With home prices being what they are in this area, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing an influx of Britons and Europeans taking advantage of international mortgages. Florida home prices are super attractive to overseas buyers right now, and our close proximity to Orlando, Disney, Busch Gardens, international airports, the beaches, etc, make buyers want to find deals on homes that they can use as a vacation home. I don’t really care who buys the vacant homes in our neighborhood – monkeys can take out mortgages – as long as they maintain the yards and act like good neighbors!

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