all natural sunscreen

Floridians like me know we’re supposed to wear sunscreen anytime we’re outside – be it sunny, cold, cloudy! Those sneaky UV rays come through the clouds and cold and skin cancer will permanently mess up whatever kind of perfect tan you had going on!

My foundation has an SPF in it, but that’s not enough – I should technically be putting sunscreen on my skin anytime I spend any length of time outside. I just heard about UV Natural SPF 30+ Sunscreen, which as the name implies, uses only all natural ingredients. Considering that we’re to use sunscreen ALL THE TIME, it’s important to make sure you’re not slathering your skin up with something that’s going to cause breakouts, rashes, or has nasty chemicals in it. There are even formulations for babies and people who need anti-sweat sunscreen, and all of the formulas not only protect your skin, but they moisturize it as well.

I wonder what’s in the sunscreen I’ve been using up to this point?

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