75% off vistaprint address labels

The breast cancer 3-day people are trying to win me back. They’ve spent big money wooing former walkers who haven’t signed up for the walk this year, sending out glossy mailings and even free 3-day swag! Last month I received 3-day address labels with my name and the 3-day logo on them, and this month I got an offer of 500 MyPoints if I registered for the 2008 walk.

It’s not happening, regardless of how many neat freebies they send me. I’m already signed up for the 2008 Avon walk, in hopes of trying something new and exciting. I really enjoyed walking through Philadelphia in 2006, and compared to that, the walk in the Tampa area in 2007 was a complete snoozefest. I think 2 days of walking in NYC will put me back on the right track.

However, the Avon people haven’t sent me much swag. I think I’ve got a t-shirt? Once I signed up, the wooing ceased. I can’t be expected to use my 3-day address labels to send our fundraising requests for the Avon walk, can I? I decided to order address labels online, and turned to VistaPrint, since they did such a fantastic job with the business cards I designed in the fall. They’ve got a sweet deal on address labels right now – in fact, the deal is for 75% off the regular price of address labels! Just use coupon code “BlogAddress75″ at checkout to receive your big, fat discount!

Did you know that VistaPrint can also do postcards and stamps? What a neat fundraising idea – personalized postcards AND stamps to mail to all of the folks who have supported me in the past. Or the postcards could be given out to the people who donate to use when we’re fundraising in public!

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