make money with online coupons at buxr

It’s been a rough week. Between my almost arrest, and then driving 40 minutes for a tutoring session that didn’t happen last night, I’ve been bouncing between anxiety and irritation for the past few days. When I get in that kind of funk, only a few things cheer me up – my kids, desserts, and retail therapy. Even buying something small can put me in a better frame of mind…maybe a new picture for the house that I can smile at every time I walk by it, or a new shirt that makes me look and feel better. And what REALLY improves my mood is retail therapy that doesn’t cost a lot. I like nothing better than digging out my gift cards and coupons and getting something fantastic for free.

Good finds and great deals will actually keep me smiling for months to come. Making money on top of that can only improve me mood, buxr logoso when I heard about Buxr I was intrigued. No doubt, you’ve all seen or visited the plethora of coupon sites on the web. Some good, some bad, and most chock full of deals. Have you ever wondered how they find all of those bargains? You’ve probably even shared great coupon codes and deals you’ve found at those sites on your blog – I know I have. Wouldn’t you like to be able to share deals AND get paid?

Buxr is a completely different kind of coupon & deals site, because it’s designed to give people like me (and probably you!) a chance to share shopping bargains with your friends and readers and make money. By sharing deals, you earn a commission when your blog or website visitors take advantage of the deal. Think about it – how many times have YOU taken advantage of a deal or bargain you read about online like this?

If you don’t have a website or blog, or simply don’t want to share, you can take advantage of the other side of Buxr – the bargains and online coupons! Participate in the forums, flag dead and expired deals, and even create a custom view of deals based in your personal preferences. Buxr gives you a lot more input and options than the other online coupon websites, and the chance to make some cash to support your shopping habit!

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