hawaii cruises

With one “adult only” vacation under our belt, there have been several dinner table discussions in our home about where our next family vacation should take us. Last year we went to Canada, visiting Toronto, Montreal, and Niagara Falls. Before that it was the mountains of North Carolina, for a week long skiing trip. And before that, it was a cruise to Grand Cayman, Mexico, and Jamaica. The cruise idea has been brought up more than once, and the children are raring to go out onto the seas again. Even Jim is chomping at the bit, which is funny to me, considering I had to practically drag him on our first cruise together back in 2001. He was convinced he’d be bored and wouldn’t enjoy it at all. That’s exactly why I love cruising – you can either have a mellow experience, reading books and relaxing for a few days, or you can take advantage of all of the activities planned on board and go go go for a week straight!

We’ve pretty much exhausted our travel options in the Caribbean, having been to the Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Mexico. Or sure, there’s the Southern Caribbean, and the Eastern Caribbean tours, but I’m itching to see something different. We checked into Alaskan cruises, but the idea of a Hawaii travel cruise has my interest piqued as well. There are new cruises which start in Hawaii and end in Hawaii, meaning that you get to see only Hawaii for 7 days of cruise. The other cruise start in the Pacific, so part of your cruise time is spent staring at nothing for several days. The all Hawaii cruises would be my first preference, and they visit Oahu, Kauai, Hawaii, and Maui. You can even add to your experience by booking a hotel room for before or after your trip.

Sounds like pure heaven…but hey, if Hawaii isn’t your thing, there are any number of vacations to luxury destinations around the world…just pick one and go!

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