presidents day weekend = huge fun

I didn’t have class this weekend, so after a trip to church this morning I’ve found myself with the whole day ahead of me. So far, my plans include:

  • Catching up on the things my DVR has recorded for me. The new episode of Psych is on there, calling my name. (I think I have a crush on Shawn Spencer!)
  • Finishing up the 5 essays I’m required to do for my religion mid-term. I get to write about such exciting topics as living faith, and the anonymous Christian. Yay.
  • Eating homemade chocolate pudding to sooth my soul. Comfort food is a great salve for the spirit.
  • Did I mention the sitting on the couch, and the watching of the TV? It’ll calm me down after yesterday’s escapades.
  • Other exciting tasks, such as changing the sheets, doing laundry, and trying to get a handle on my statistics homework. (Insert mini rant about teacher who no longer provides lectures but expect us to learn from the book alone.)

Gee, doncha wish you were me?

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