clue #6 – where in the world is colleen?


Another day, another clue! Clue #6 has been posted on my travel blog, Fool4Travel. I’m pleased to announce that I received my very first correct guess this morning from my friend Kim!

The clues so far:

Clue #1
Clue #2
Clue #3
Clue #4
Clue #5
Clue #6

The prizes:

1st Prize – a $50 Travelocity Gift Card, and a souvenir from my trip!
2nd Prize – a $25 Travelocity Gift Card, and a souvenir from my trip!
3rd, 4th, and 5th Prize – a souvenir from my trip!

The rules:

  • Check for a new clue (or a link to a clue) to be posted here daily.
  • When you think you know where I’m going (I’m looking for the city, not just a country!) just shoot me an email with your guess!
  • Send your email to: colleen_ccATyahooDOTcom
  • Subject Line: Where In The World Is Colleen?
  • Please do NOT use the comments on the blog to make your guess!
  • I’ll compile the correct guesses and do a random drawing (after my return) to select the winners.
  • The clues given each day will get progressively easier, so by the end of the contest, the answer will be obvious if you’ve played along!
  • If you’ve guessed already, and then decide to guess again, you’re more than welcome to – but only CORRECT guesses get you an entry!
  • Your correct answer, sent to me by email, gives you ONE entry into the drawing for a prize.
  • If you’d like to blog about the contest, and link back to my blog, I’ll give you 10 entries – no correct answer needed! That means you can earn up to 11 entries if you figure out where I’m going and blog about the contest.

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