the pros and cons of children

We attended Mass on Christmas Eve together, as we always do, but things were a little different this year. For the first time, all three of our children sang in the children’s choir, so Jim and I were kid-less for the first time ever during church! The children sitting around us made up for it though. Our neighbors were two rows in front of us with their 1 1/2 year old (who Catherine babysits) and he was quite vocal at times, reminding me of the days when Jim or I would need to go outside with a fussing, bored toddler.

There was a brand new baby playing the part of Baby Jesus during the Christmas pageant. He lay in a car seat on the altar, sleeping happily, unaware of the production going on around him.

Another friend and her husband sat in front of us with their three year old, who was amazingly patient, but also VERY busy during Mass. At one point she climbed on and off her father’s back, and told him, “Daddy! I’m on your back!” She’s a doll though, and even let me hold her a few times while I attempted to entertain her quietly. The baby on the altar made a great case FOR having another baby, but my three year old friend reminded me that even quiet babies grow up!

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  1. this morning I went to mass with two old girlfriends and we prayed for success with my cncer surgery… There was one young mother and baby i churchm who was twistied and vocal. I remembered my grandson who was less then patient when I took him to church recently so we smiled at the mother hoping to express don’t feel bad, we’ve been there done that…how quickly time passes and here we are old ladies..smiling at the babies. Remembering when it was us…

    Have fun
    Dorothy from grammology
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