the $4,000 tile job i got for free

I’ve currently listening to the tile in my master bathroom being pried off the wall, piece by piece. It all started a few weeks ago, when we noticed the floor of our shower had sunk a bit, and there were cracks appearing in the shower floor. Being that our shower is upstairs, this had the potential to become a VERY BAD THING. Let’s face it – no one wants to be chilling in the family room, watching Desperate Housewives, while water from the upstairs shower drips on their head. We called our builder and complained, and the warranty bitch (having dealt with her several times over the past year, let me assure you, she IS a bitch) said there was nothing they’d do because our home is out of the 1 year warranty period. Jim really fought her on it though, and demanded that they send someone out to look at it, because the job wasn’t done correctly in the first place. As soon as the guy from the builder got here, the look on his face said it all – the builder screwed the pooch!

After that, we had no problem getting them to agree to fix the tile, and it’s a good thing – it would have easily cost us several thousand dollars. That brings me to today, and the 2 men who are upstairs ripping apart my bathroom and pointing out all the things the builder did wrong in there to me. I’ll have plenty of ammo should we have any further issues!

For those of you wondering, the problem is such that it passed inspection, and only with regular use did things become worse. The tile on the floor actually sunk down and formed a depression in one area, which led to the cracking and water going into the drain pan and sub-floor underneath.

Good times!

6 Responses to “the $4,000 tile job i got for free”

  1. Jules says:

    YIKES! Good thing you guys noticed it before it got SUPER bad, like the water dripping on your head while watching Desperate Housewives. That would have really sucked.

  2. Carla says:

    Hey I have this same problem!
    Tho our home is a turn of the century huge house, that was remodeled prior to our purchase. We knew about a few things that the contractors messed up and took those on ourselves. But the master bath has the same issue your having! Cept the water has crept into the wall, and down under the subfloor, warping my 100 year old original hardwood floor in the hallway!

  3. Keaton's mama says:

    I can second that motion about “the bitch” – from first hand experience.

    Do you know that when we went to put in our attic ladder we learned that the hole for it wasn’t cut to standard size therefore the ladder kit would not fit!?! The builder’s rep had to come out and do some serious restructuring in order to make the proper opening! Don’t get me started LOL.

  4. Colleen says:

    Keaton’s mama – we had the same problem! We paid for an inspection when our 1 year was up so we could have the builder fix issues, and that was one of the issues. Not only was it not a standard size, it’s against FIRE CODE!

  5. Loretta says:

    Yikes! That could have been so not good. I’m glad they are fixing it for you without trying to charge you a ton of extra money for it. Sucks that they didn’t just do it right the first time.

  6. Stacey says:

    When we lived in Tampa, we had to have our bathtub and tile in our new home ripped out and replace not once, but THREE times – we will never buy/build a Lennar home again. I basically spent an entire year watching workmen in my home – too bad I wasn’t paid for it!