real estate rebates

A neighbor of ours put her home on the market recently, for about $20,000 more than she paid for it a year ago. A few years ago, she would have sold it the same day the realtor’s sign went up in the yard, but those days are LONG gone. She won’t sell it at her price. She won’t sell it at the price she paid for it either! I know she’s listed it high to compensate for the fat commission she’s got to pay to her Realtor. Our neighborhood is still under construction, and anyone can walk in and build her exact home, with all the options she selected, and pay a lot less, because the builder has dropped the prices so much to accommodate slow sales.

With the market being what it is, more buyers and sellers are getting smarter and using things that will save them cash in their next real estate transaction, like what offers. Buyers and sellers can save up to $20,000 by using one of the agents they’ll find at, and Realtors can find the buyers and sellers they need in this cut throat market. They’re aren’t ANY agents listed for my city yet, which means Realtors who sign up now will be the first to be able to collect those buyers looking for a participating Realtor. Realtors – sign up and use access code: ep355

Don’t let waiting buyers get away!

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