kitchen help

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at church tonight for Catherine’s youth group event. I had stopped at Sam’s Club on my way there, and purchased hot dogs, buns, and dessert and got out for only $65. Not bad for buying enough food to feed up to 80 hungry middle school students. When we got to church, I found 3 other parents there waiting to help us, so Jim and I had loads of help. We stayed longer than planned, cleaning up in the kitchen, and making sure all of the kids had plenty to eat, and then ran over to Ruby Tuesday to get some real food for ourselves. Hot dogs are good enough for the kids, but they weren’t going to be MY dinner.

At our meeting for the parents last year, the youth group asked every parent to assist on one dinner for the kids. I’m definitely glad I got my dinner night out of the way early on. I can send my kid for the rest of the year without worrying about when it’s going to be MY turn to feed the kids.

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  1. Mr. Fabulous says:

    What do you have against hot dogs? Do you feel you are ABOVE hot dogs?