mutt strut memory walk

memory walkThis week, I received a big packet of information from the Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk, and I learned that you can bring your dogs over to Lake Eola park in Orlando on October 6th to take part in the walk with you. Cool, huh? Since we’re coming from such a distance, we won’t be doing that – I don’t want to drag the dogs around in the car for most of the morning. I’m sure I’ll regret that once Jim and I get there and see all of the dogs out to join the human walkers.

If you’d like to sign up as a team captain, there’s still time! You can locate a walk in your area on the Memory Walk website. They need volunteers like me to help lead the way, and they give you all of the tools you need, as well as coaching help and assistance by phone and email.

Oh, and as far as my fundraising goal goes, I need your help! If you donate $25 to my campaign, you’ll get a PR 5 permanent link back right here on my blog. Your donation is tax deductible and goes to help a great cause!


This post is sponsored by The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk.

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