tv top ten: slendertone

I was up WAY too late last night watching infomercials on TV and came across something called Slendertone. slendertoneLargeIt sounds like something I could use to get rid of my little ice cream and Coca Cola gut! The Slendertone Flex by Compex promises firmer, strong abs in only 8 weeks, and my abs could definitely use some firming. Of course, you do need to use this product along with diet and exercise – you can’t use it as an excuse to sit on your rear in front of the TV eating bon-bons! A battery pack inside the unit stimulates the abdominal nerve pathways and works those muscles out, even when you’re not working out.

The Slendertone Flex Abdominal Training System also includes:

  • Portable Slendertone Flex unit
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • Flex belt – fits waist sizes 24″ to 44″
  • 3 adhesive gel pads
  • Manufacturer’s 2-year limited warranty

It’s only $14.99 and comes with a 30 day risk free trial!

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