leather photo albums

With another 3-Day walk coming up in just a few months, it’s time for me to start thinking about what I’ll do with the 100′s of pictures I take during the event. Last year, I bought a leather scrapbook album from a friend to put my Philadelphia pictures into. I ended up with basic black since only a few colors were offered. This year, I’m doing a bit of advance planning, and came across www.kikijames.com and their leather albums. I came across a light pink album and I think it may be “the one”! leatheralbum I’d much rather have a variety of colors to choose from, rather than having a set of matching albums in basic black. And you can personalize these albums with embossing, so I can have “Breast Cancer 3-Day 2007″ across the front, if I like. Having tried a variety of different photo albums over the years, I definitely prefer leather. It holds up better long term and the size of the albums shown here are nice and big for larger pictures, should I wish to print out a few 8 by 10′s this year. Click here to see the site’s other offerings as well – they don’t just sell pink albums – you’ll find leather and suede albums in all different colors and sizes, from small albums perfect for a grandparent gift, or big albums to fit your African safari pictures into. Why buy a leather album? As mentioned before, I think leather holds up better, and it won’t bend, split, weather, or crack. It’s extremely durable, and will offer your photos a level of protection that a regular album can’t. For you scrapbookers – each sheet is layered with acid-free paper to protect your photos!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Yeah, I got a pink suede album from Kohls last year!

  2. My husband is an utra marathon cyclist, he’s bicycled over 90,000 miles, on his bike in 24 years. He has completed every state ( Just finished the state of Maine) .and several different countries. In his photo albums is a record of every mile he’s trained or cycled…he claims the leather is the best. His shelves are filled with different kinds of albums…I wish he had figured out the right one sooner… (would have looked better on the shelves),,, Per Joe, your right..they hold up are easy to wipe down, and look great.. Buy leather..
    Regards, Dorothy from grammology

  3. Shahid says:

    The extra cost of leather is well worth it. I’m glad to see some people haven’t given up on quality just to save a few quid. In the long run it’ll last, look good, and preserve your memories well.