3-day sneak peek

Yesterday my sister and I participated in a 10 mile walk that reminded me exactly WHY I didn’t walk the 3-Day in Tampa last year – the heat! It was in the 90′s yesterday and the humidity was high. I was sweating after the first mile, and miserable after 10. I knew going into the walk that it would be hot, but it was sweltering. I can only hope for a mild October, and cooler walk weather. Not so cold that I need to walk with a mylar emergency blanket around me, as I did last year in Philly though!

Despite a nap yesterday after the walk and a good nights sleep, I’m sore today. My lower back is achy, my calves feel tight, and even my feet ache. It’s all just a taste of what’s to come in October. I remember being sore for days, if not weeks after the 3-Day. It’s all worth it though, right?

(Note to self: no more outdoor training walks!)

5 Responses to “3-day sneak peek”

  1. D says:

    Can I suggest, prior to your walk, that you and sis go to danskin.com and order a couple lightweight tanks or t-shirts made with a moisture-wicking synthetic – it will keep you dry and cooler as you are working up a sweat. Maybe even buying a pair of their Capri leggings ($56) . Then make sure you buy the right shoes – save your knees and feet and keep up your endurance.

    I think Quick and Simple had an article with other products that help the “walker” . Maybe go check them out.

    Then you can be looking good and feeling better for the big day. Keep up the good work!

  2. Colleen says:

    We’re both already wearing clothing like that, but when you’re walking in 90 degree temps and 65% humidity, you’re going to sweat.

  3. Renee says:

    I remember those days…I also remember being 5 months pregnant in December but it was 70 degrees and raining the entire time…I only had winter maternity clothing with me because we were visiting from Cheyenne.

    It’s really hot here too…the sky is pretending like it might rain…but I won’t believe it until I see water.

  4. Fez Travel says:

    I could imagine the agony. But, what counts most is that you enjoyed it. Your back pains will soon go away. You just need a little stretch and to work more on your exercise routine.

  5. Spice says:

    It’s all worth it!!!! And the 3Day here in Tampa was not as hot as it is now. It’s awful out there! Just remember, bring those bandana’s to keep nice and wet!