traveler back on

A few weeks ago, I set my DVR to record the pilot episode of Traveler on ABC. I didn’t even get to watch it until this week, but I really enjoyed it! It’s got the whole conspiracy thing going on, and it made for an interesting episode. Who can you trust, who can’t you trust, the people you’ve lived with for 2 years betray you…anyway…if you missed it, the pilot will be on ABC again tonight, and it’s followed by a new episode.

One Response to “traveler back on”

  1. Angie says:

    I DVRd it initially and then deleted it without watching it. My rationale is that I’m not so sure I have the emotioanl energy to get involved in yet another new show. How sad is that!? I saw it was on again tongiht and my finger hovered over that red record button, but I fianlly passed it up. Plus, my Brighthouse menu has been so freakin slow lately that I almost hate going in to program stuff.

    Oh! I AM going to record that pirate show tomorrow though.