Today is a very exciting day for me, and all because of this:


Today is the day that marks my earnings with PayPerPost reaching $10,000. I’ve been blogging for PayPerPost since July 5th of last year – here’s the very first opp I ever did for them! Since then, I’ve gotten tons of other people involved with it. It’s not all fun and games. I’ve had my share of nasty comments from bloggers not involved with PayPerPost, and I’ve even had fellow posties make snide remarks about my blogs. But you know what? I don’t care!

When I was the first person to hit $1,000 on PayPerPost, I decided right then and there that I’d be the first to hit $10,000. I set a goal for myself to do it by July 5th, 2007, so that I’d have a year, but obviously, I did it before then.

Since I started blogging for PayPerPost, I’ve had my traffic go through the roof, I get more comments, I’ve got more readers, I’ve found new friends, and I think my hair is shinier and more full of life ;-)

Seriously though – I’m in awe that I came from hoping to make $5 a month to cover my hosting, to $10,000 in 9 months. I’ve used the money to help out around the house, to pay for vacations (skiing in North Carolina and vacation this June in Canada, I bought my husband a motorcycle, new dishes for our house, extras for the kids, and too many other things to mention. I’ve been featured in the L.A. Times and Orlando Sentinel, and made an appearance in a RockStartUp episode. I won $1000 in the RockStartUp puzzle contest, and I won $500 in a concert contest. Where else can you make money like this online?

In other words, it’s the most fun I’ve had blogging, ever. Thanks for being along for the ride with me!

25 Responses to “$10,000”

  1. DonnaLeigh says:

    I bow down to the greatness that is Colleen…I’m honored to know you, to have met you, to have slept at your house….

    ROFL! Seriously – it’s an awesome accomplishment!

  2. Marisa says:

    I’m so happy for you! I love your attitude and I love your writing.

    And yeah, your hair is shinier. go figure. ;)

  3. Valerie says:

    Congratulations Colleen! WTG Girl!

  4. Ang. says:

    Woo hoo! Now, can you pass that horseshoe on to someone else? ;)

  5. Charlotte says:

    Congratulations Colleen! I can’t wait until I hit $1000!

  6. Tina Silva says:

    Wohoo!!! Congrats Colleen!!

    Great accomplishment!!

  7. [...] Today Colleen became the first PayPerPost Blogger, or “Postie,” to earn $10,000. She had been the first to earn $1000 several months ago and at that time set a goal for herself. She decided then to earn $10,000 by July 5, 2007, her one year anniversary with PayPerPost. [...]

  8. mundaneDan says:

    wow. Congrats Colleen. I don’t know how ya do it!! amazing! :)

  9. [...] If you are a Postie (which Websters defines as a blogger who blogs for Payperpost) then you might have noticed the milestone that happened today. Colleen (famous for her innovative blogs like Simple Kind of Life and Geeky Speaky) crossed the 10,000 dollar mark. How awesome is that? Who doesn’t aspire to do that? I know I do. [...]

  10. Cynthia Blue says:

    Wow that is extremely impressive! I’m new to PPP and I hope to have my community and friends, and earnings, grow too. :)

  11. Homemom3 says:

    Congratulations! I knew it would happen today!

  12. Connie says:

    Congratuations! You deserve it!

    I’m worshipping you at your feet, very humbly LOL! I sure look up to you. I’m gonna keep on trying until I get it right. Thanks for introducing blogging to me.

  13. LaDonna says:

    w00t! Congrats, Colleen!

  14. ladyjava says:

    Hello there… found your blog from mylot…

    This is really great… I can’t wait to join payperpost myself.. but my blog is not old enough yet… have you tried blogsvertise.com?? Same concept as well.. Made $31 from them last month :)

    Thanks for sharing your awesome story :)

  15. COLLEEN!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C – O – N – G – R – A – T – S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good job making the 10k!!! I hope you keep up the blogging vigour! Aim for 25k next :) And lets see if you can make Ted bankrupt :P

  16. Deb says:

    Congratulations my friend. *Smiles* Look who sit’s at #10 spot! Me, I just cleanred $5,000, my own woohoo! You inspire us all and you deserve it!!!!! Kudos to you

  17. babyfiona says:

    Congrats! Happy to see someone actually hit the 10K record!

  18. aylee says:

    Congrats Colleen!!

  19. Catie says:

    congratulations, colleen! i’m going to hit $1000 within the next month, hopefully…and maybe my traffic can increase so my PR can go up so i can take better opps…lol. but yeah, that’s very exciting. i’m happy for you!

  20. Andreas Bard says:

    I have congratulated you on two other sites but I felt I should do an official one too. Congratulations on hitting the $10 000 mark. But do not feel safe at the top, I am soon there figthing you =)


  21. mrscrumley says:

    Congratulations Colleen! I am just getting caught up and this is wonderful news to come home to. You are an inspiration, which I am sure I have said before, but I really mean it!

  22. Tammie says:

    Good for you. Colleen! I enjoy checking in on your blogs regularly, and I’m delighted that you’ve broken the barrier.

    So, are you buying dinner? ;-)

  23. Lisa Renee says:

    That’s one heck of a milestone since I remember the days when we would have opps that paid $2.50 at times (smile). Congratulations! $10,000 down next $20,000!


  24. Kim says:

    That’s awesome Colleen!!!! Thank YOU for starting me on it too!!!!!

  25. Loretta says:

    Weird, I thought I had commented here before, maybe akismet gobbled it up. well, congrats again anyhow! I blogged about you today -lol-